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Encore - the first feature film about a cult russian music band "Auktion", founded by Leonid Fedorov in 1978. The movie was filmed 7 years on the daily life of the group. From bright and original episodes have been amazing mosaic of unique music team.

Encore to have a lot of cool conditions. It's not only the music, but many those simple things, when you understand - this is the a life.

Everything is completely different in the case of the film Encore: it took seven years for the director, Dmitry Lavrinenko, to make it; he needed just that amount of time to capture the wayward grace still preserved by Fyodorov, Garkusha, Ozersky and their associates. If you look behind the powerful music facade, you find not a story of a band but chronicles of a voyage aimed at incredible, incomparable music. Encore shows how the songs which are now known by heart were composed; it also shows things generally left aside: pieces of everyday life, tour diaries, conversations, including the key phrase: “You should not look at the liberty too much, you might feel dizzy.


When I started filming, I was not guided by any musical film, though I see a lot of films, especially documentaries. From my point of view, documentary is a very important the film genre, a somewhat archetypal film. Things you see in reality are much more powerful than invented ones. And, speaking about the idea of the film as a whole, in the case of Auktyon I tried to depict a band which I think to be the closest to reality. I have not planned anything definite and I did not have any clear vision of the result. In the beginning we filmed a cycle of very conventional interviews with questions like “tell about your music” or “what sense do you put in your texts”. But in the final version almost nothing was left. Later I taped the episodes of musicians’ everyday life: concerts, work in studio, parties. The film includes such episodes as drummer Boris preparing pasta for everyone or Kolik creating a bass marimba at his summer house or many others of that kind. We filmed it in St. Petersburg, in Moscow, in Karelia where Ozersky has a house. There is an episode from a tour of United States, a very rich voyage to Koktebel’. In general, during this time the life was very eventful.

From the musical point of view, it is difficult for me to find the right words to define the value of the group. Yes, I like it, but I do not listen all the time to the Auktyon, and in general I try not to look at them with the eyes of a music fan. When we filmed, I did not treat them as a legendary figures, in the way they are seen by the public. I was just a lens, recording a reality. Or a surgeon: when you edit the film, you must be able to cut your own material, even when it is very good, to make a coherent picture.

This band is not completely explicable, which makes it even more precious. By the way, there is a good episode in the film: once we took a camera and went to speak with the people who came to the concert. And then it was said that Auktyon is a very honest band, they never lie. They can make mistakes, they can search for something or be misunderstood. But with these guys, there is not a bit of hypocrisy. They are similar to the real documentary cinema: it impresses you only when it is made seriously and honestly.





2014, documentary, Russia, 99 min, color, DCP, Russian



Leonid Fyodorov, Oleg Garkusha, Dmitry Ozersky, Vladimir Volkov, Nikolai Rubanov, Mikhail Kolovsky, Yuri Parfyonov, Viktor Bondarik, Boris Shaveynikov, Kirill Miller, Sergey Vasiliev, Mikhail Rappoport



Dmitry Lavrinenko

Dmitry Lavrinenko

Aleksey Strelov, Aleksey Gritsenko

Dmitry Lavrinenko